Cleaning Products


Retreating your cover will Strengthen and restore water repellent, while greatly increases stain resistance and prevents mold and mildew forming on you cover, We recommend using 303 products. See our Stain Chart for specific recommendations

Cleaning fabric



Clean or wash your Acrylic cover or top. Periodically bush the dirt off the fabric. You can hang it up and beat it with a broom like an old carpet. If you have Compressed Air, you can use a blow gun to get the dirt off. works very well.



Wash the cover with some mild soap and water (not detergent) and a brush. Dish soap works well or hair shampoo if you want it stronger. You can wash it on the boat, on the grass, or on Smooth Concrete. Rinse with plenty of water.Use pressure washers at less than 200 psi. pressure, or it can damage the fabric.

Instructional Videos