DOT Common Sense Fastener 2 Screw Stud

DOT® Common Sense Fastener 2 Screw Stud


Product Description

This DOT® Common Sense (Twist Lock) 2 Screw Stud can be used in a Cloth-to-Surface applications with screws or Cloth-to-Cloth applications with buttons. Nickel plated brass. High quality part for marine environment.
Common Sense Fastener Screw Stud Measurements:
Hole size = 5/32″
Hole center to center = 7/8″
Base width = 7/16″
Base length = 1-1/4″
Base height = 5/64″
Height (total) = 11/16″
Twist-Lock height = 3/8″
Twist-Lock length = 1/2″
Height (from under twist-lock to base) = 5/16″


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