DOT Common Sense Cloth-to-Surface Complete With 2 Screw Stud

DOT® Common Sense Cloth-to-Surface Complete With 2 Screw Stud


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Product Description

These DOT® “twist-lock” devices offer a quick yet secure way to fasten a piece of fabric to a solid surface. They are often used in dodger applications. Each set includes an eyelet with the necessary backing plate and a 2 screw flat stud (screws included). The stud screws into any hard surface. Manufactured in nickel-plated brass—specially suited to the marine environment.
DOT® Common Sense Cloth-to-Surface Complete 2 Screw Stud Set Includes:

  • Eyelet
  • Washer
  • 2-Screw Stud
  • 2 Flat Head Screws 6 x 1/2″

4 Ways to Install the Common Sense Eyelet:

  1. To install the eyelet portion use a knife to cut small slits in the fabric for the eyelet’s teeth and pliers to bend the teeth over the backing plate. Cut the fabric in the center out with scissors or a hot knife.
  2. Use the “Common Sense Eyelet Hole Cutter” to punch holes for the center hole and 4 slits for the legs at the same time.
  3. Use the “Common Sense Deluxe Hand Punch” to punch the hole and 4 slits with an lever action tool.
  4. The “Snapmaster Hand Press” can punch the hole & slits all at once. Then it can press the Common Sense Eyelet into place bending the 4 legs over the back plate.

Stud Measurements:

  • Hole center to center = 7/8″
  • Hole size = 5/32″
  • Screw is a 6 x 1/2″ Stainless Steel


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